Abhi Toh Party Pause Ho Gayee Hain

The club is packing up, with an excited queue of people waiting to get in outside. They hear the latest Guru Randhawa song, singing along as they get their wrist stamped. They dance their way into the club, handing their coat to the cloakroom before pushing their way through the excited crowd to reach the bar. Tequilas. Everyone downs two shots each to catch up with the fervour everyone else is showing on the floor. They were about to order cocktails but recognise the bass intro of Kar Gayi Chull and run onto the dancefloor in time for the drop. They continue drinking and dancing in unison with the rest of the goers, old friends and new, for another 4 hours.

It’s been just over three months of lockdown in the UK now, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to return to clubbing any time soon. We’re all missing those united times where we could leave all of our troubles at the door and just go crazy to our favourite tracks. Of course, loud music doesn’t leave much space for social distancing, and safety should always come first.

In the meantime, we’re keeping our livestreams going with Saturday Raat Live and Sunday Sundown, showcasing some of the best Bollywood and Bhangra DJs across the world, and me every second Saturday :p. We keep things likely streaming the parties over Facebook for the music and interactivity (shoot over your requests and shoutouts!) and Zoom [Zoom ID: 557-247-6054 / Password: bombay2020] to keep socially connected (bust some moves and have private chats!)

We’re living in unprecedented times, having to sacrifice much of the social experiences we loved for our own personal safety. We’ll make it through this, and once it’s safe, we are going to party like we’ve never partied before.

Shai Hussain

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